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2021 Davidson Prize Winner:

#1 Agricultural Engineering Innovation




At Haber Technologies, we combine mechanical solutions with modern technology to solve common drying problems. Our DRI-Stack® system cuts energy costs by 50%, reduces drying time to days, and can be monitored from anywhere, providing complete control of your drying operations from anywhere. 

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Can your bin do this?


The DRI-Stack® system utilizes a few simple principles: grain physics coupled with modern technology.

Our unparalleled solution efficiently dries, monitors, and conditions in a way that maintains the highest quality product.


Intelligent in-bin airflow control saves energy costs and reduces drying time to 1-2 weeks.


Monitor and track the live status of your bin, from the palm of your hand.


Intelligently control, cool, and condition your bin   year-round with ease. 

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"This is a perfect fit! It's the best way to speed up drying while keeping the quality."

  - Randy, Iowa City, Iowa

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DRI-Stack® system. 

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