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With first and second gen testing showing considerable drying time improvements, we've decided to share how fast it works with just natural air instead of a confusing "percent faster". Unfortunately, a wet season last year pushed harvest back so none of our bins were filled until late October.  However, we still saw drying rates in the 4 points per 4 to 8 days range. Faster Time-to-Dry means longer allowable storage time, lower energy use and quicker access to the market.


The end profile result is a reduction in variability, so you don't waste time and energy (money) over-drying the bottom. Quit selling over-dried corn.


The DRI-Stack system is truly set and forget. Unload your harvest into your DRI-Stack fitted bin straight out of the field. It will dry your corn down to your specified moisture content within your specified parameters and alert you when it's done. No more messing around with things that you shouldn't have to deal with during harvest season. 

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