2021 Davidson Prize Winner

ASABE and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) presented the fourth annual Davidson Prize to three top AE50 winners.

"DRI-Stack technology is a pretty amazing bit of innovation,” Curt Blades, SVP of Agriculture for AEM said.

“I love innovations that are simple and beautiful. The simple and beautiful idea of air flow through a grain bin to increase the efficiency of drying is pretty remarkable. As we look at our society where agriculture has a lot of arrows pointing as us, innovation that points to things more efficient and producing more with less are the winners.”


DRI-Stack System



With the installation of our DRI-Stack system, you can expect faster drying times while keeping your grain's quality. With our optional low temp burner, you can dry ten points in as little as ten days. 


The end profile result is a reduction in variability, so you won't waste time, energy, or money over-drying the bottom. Quit selling over-dried corn.


The DRI-Stack system is truly a set it and forget it system. Unload your harvest into your DRI-Stack fitted bin straight from the field. It will dry your corn down to your specified moisture content within your specified parameters and alert you when it's done.


Value Proposition 

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Airflow bin

Re-Stack Drying

Bin cross flow

Crossflow Drying

Bin with hot spot

Focused Drying


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