Our Team

Meet Haber Technologies


We were founded by a pair of Iowa State University alumni who came up with the idea from a school project and a comment from a distinguished Professor.


Over the last several decades, the focus in agriculture has primarily been on improving crop growth. We intend to radically change agriculture through harvest management.


Our technology is based on a few simple principles of grain physics. These are coupled with modern technology and driven by artificial intelligence. 

Zach Higgs

Electrical Engineer

Omar Abbas

Software Engineer

Scott Vlasic

Software Engineer

Dr. Kurt Rosentrater

Technical Advisor

Mark Reynolds

Vice President of Operations

Lynette Hurd

Office Manager

Garek Hurd

Operations Technician

Brayden Arnote

Agricultural Technican

Levi Gadow

Industrial Manufacturing Engineer

Dillon Hurd

Co-Founder, CEO

Eric Harweger

Co-Founder, CTO

Dave Furbush

Vice President

Brian Porter

Board Secretary

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